User Guide


The ChatterBox application allows users with partial or total speech impairment to communicate with other people through prerecorded audio messages. This user guide will provide instructions for the installation of the software in compatible devices.

This application was developed using Android Studio which is an official free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) piece of software, designed specially for Android application developments. Thus ChatterBox runs only on Android OS devices.


Quick Start

Tap the ChatterBox icon in your device menu and wait for the dashboard opening.

The app presents the dashboard straight away. There you will find the buttons to the available categories. The "Yes" and "No" buttons can be played from the dashboard and top menu.


This is the top bar and it can be found in each category, as well as the 'Yes' and 'No' buttons, for fast navigation throughout the application. The category icon is highlighted every time it is tapped, indicating in which current category the user is. Select the category wished and a section with the sentences will appear as it shown in the picture bellow.


Tap the whised sentence in order to hear the audio transcription of it. Sentences or words highlighted present more options, e.g. 'TURN ON/OFF' and 'VOLUME UP/DOWN', have the following options:



Tap on the whished word to hear the audio transcription of it.

Find a demonstration of the app in the video bellow.